Richard J. Falcon Jr

Richard J Falcon Jr
I had been in rock bands since 1988; I toured most of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas with some of the greatest musicians in the area. In 1990 I was writing songs for several record companies. One of the producers asked if I would write an instrumental with no vocals and the rest was history. 

I had studied four years of classical guitar and earned a degree in music. I wrote over one hundred instrumentals and sent three of them to a record company. In 1996 I was signed to Carefree records which I was offered several foreign recording contracts. In 1999 I signed with Damage Records. In 2000 I came out with Send Angels! Send Angels has sold over 2000 CDs! In 2001 the song All The Lonely People won Phi Theta Kappas Outstanding Art Project for the Kansas Region! High Plains Public Radio aired four songs on the active play list. Soon more stations started to play the CD including Radio Kansas and Eagle Radio! Music Oven, which feeds music to restaurants and clubs around the world, signed the CD! Moon Dance came out in 2003! The business started to grow as more station started to play the music. Shades of Classics in Winnipeg Canada put this album on its active play list. Do to over sea sales I signed with Raptor Productions in the UK. Club Round Table in the US. Cdbaby took over all international sales as well as all digital sales. 

Moon Dance has been noted for its different moods that it produced. Creation came out in 2006! Creation was a collaboration of artist from around the area, Steve Generauex, Jessica Tarman, Mary Ann Chabaan! Soon all merchandise went through Cafepress! Over 1300 digital download sales have been downloaded through I-tunes, Napster, and Music Net! There are over 60 download site that signed all three CDs! Now Sirius has signed all three CDs on there playlist. In just 10 years the instrumental music has taken off.

 Listen to the music and let me know what you think. Give me your feed back. 

Thank you for your support!

AMERICA NORTH: USA: Connecticut (CT)

Title Time Bitrate Cost
N/A Storm in the Morning 3m 43s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Anywhere With You 3m 53s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Forever Friends 4m 14s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Send Angels 4m 6s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A The Moonlight 3m 28s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Where Lover's Meet 3m 40s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Tears of Love (Beautiful Rose) 3m 43s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Kchachurine Princess 6m 39s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Spanish Fire 5m 37s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A So This Is Love 3m 26s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Jessica's Tango 3m 58s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A All the Lonely People 4m 14s 128 kBit/s $1.50
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